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If you need an electrician in the Los Angeles area - whether it's for a small electrical service call or a complete house rewire, it's of utmost importance to seek out a highly qualified and experienced licensed electrician. H Electric fits the bill, and as an experienced Los Angeles electrical service provider, we can handle any type of home or business electrical service jobs that you have. H Electric has been in the electrical contracting business since 1991, providing prompt and reliable electrical services that you can count on. We're a top-rated electrician in Los Angeles CA, and we're fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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From my initial call to the end of the job, everyone was friendly, intelligent, & willing to explain stuff. Prices were the best from any electrician I've used in past. MY PRIOR ELECTRICIAN WAS GOING TO CHARGE ME MUCH MORE THAN THIS ONE. Robert & Julio were such fast and intelligent technicians that I ended up adding more work to the originally requested, minimal work! All done in one day! -- Stephanie Osbourne

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Here's 3 of our most recent blog posts

Level II Electric Car Chargers Save Money Says Electrician in Los Angeles

By Candy |

This spring, you are probably planning a lovely summer vacation. Vacations take money, which means you will need to start setting some aside in order to fully enjoy yourself. Now is the time to take a look at your budget and figure out where you can save a few extra dollars. If you have an electric car, you probably bought the car with the goal of saving money on your gas bill every week. And then you realized that the cost savings isn’t quite as much as you thought it would be because your car isn’t fully charge and you are forced to rely on gasoline. This is likely due to the fact you have a trickle charger or what is often referred to as a Level 1 charging station. If you want to make your car work better for you, you need an electrician in Los Angeles. At H Electric, you will find a team of professionals who can take care of any electrical job you have quickly and professionally.

You can invest in a Level II charging station if you are keen to make your electric car a little more economical. If you have discovered your commute is using up the life of the battery in your car on day 1 of your weekly commute, you could benefit from a Level II station. A Level 1 battery charging station typically takes about 24 hours to fully charge the battery in your car. It isn’t likely you have a full 24 hours off between shifts, which means your car isn’t getting charged. However, the faster charging station will charge your car in about 8 hours.

An electrician will need to take care of the Los Angeles electrical needs by installing a 240-volt outlet for you to plug the Level II station into. This is not a typical outlet and most garages don’t already have on available. If you would like to start making your electric car a little more economical, give H Electric a call today.

6 Qualities to Look for in Los Angeles Electrician

By Candy |

There are times when you will need to call an electrician to take care of problems in your home that are beyond your area of expertise. Because your home is truly your castle, you want to take some time checking out anybody who is going to be doing work in your home. The following list is some of the traits you should look for when hiring an electrician in Los Angeles. You can count on the electricians at H Electric to meet each one of these qualities.

1-Any professional that comes into your home should have the proper training and certification by the state or county.

2-An electrician should be licensed and bonded to protect your interests and that of the electrician’s.

3-A dependable electrician is a must. You can’t afford to put off electrical problems until an electrician can get to it. You want a Los Angeles electrician who will be there when expected and who will get the job done and not leave you hanging.

4-Honesty is another important quality. You don’t want somebody who is just out to make a quick buck off of you, the homeowner, who may not know what is entirely necessary and what is extra work.

5-The electrician should be willing to give you a detailed quote about what work needs to be done and what you can expect to pay for the work. This quote should include materials as well.

6-A solid reputation within the community is very important. Talk with your friends, neighbors and family to get recommendations.
If you are leaning towards a specific electrician, ask if anybody has had any personal dealings with the company.

It can be difficult to randomly choose an electrician to do work in your home, but if you look for each of these qualities, you should do just fine. If you need electrical work, give H Electric a call today.

Stay Cool, Save Money with Ceiling Fan Says Electrician in Los Angeles

By Candy |

With summer quickly approaching, it is a good idea to start taking care of the little things around the house. One of the top priorities should be your cooling system. It is a good idea to schedule the maintenance needed for your air conditioner now, before something breaks and becomes a much bigger problem. You can also contact your local electrician in Los Angeles to schedule a ceiling fan installation. The team at H Electric is ready to help you prepare for the scorching summer temperatures.

A ceiling fan can help save you money on your electric bill all year round. You can start using it this spring to provide a cool breeze on days that are warm, but not hot enough that you need to turn on your air conditioner. This will save you money and prevent you from making the house so cold you end up piling on the blankets! When the air conditioner is on, you will want to have the ceiling fan on pulling the hot air up and out of the room while keeping the cool air moving instead of getting stuck near the floor.

When the cool air is trapped near the floor by the hot air, the thermostat will register the hot air and keep your air conditioner running. That will cost you a lot of money and will wear down your AC unit. But, you can prevent this by having a ceiling fan installed by your local electrician. Los Angeles residents will be happy to know a ceiling fan is also beneficial during the winter months as well. When the rotation of the blades is switched, the fan pushes that hot air that rises down to where you are sitting and once again the thermostat will register the warm air and prevent your heater from working overtime. Call H Electric today and schedule your ceiling fan installation.

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